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By Train to Assisi

We managed to unravel the unfamiliar train systems and board TrenItalia in time to travel to Assisi. We sat with a young nun, who helped us when the conductor fussed at us because we hadn’t validated our tickets before boarding in Florence. I was just happy we made in time onto the train! The so-called ‘RapidTicket’ kiosk was no help and we waited in the wrong queue for several minutes before we were told we needed a number to get served. Just like the DMV at home!
Our travels were rewarded by a beautiful Tuscan/Umbrian landscape with wild poppies lining the train tracks. It started to rain as we arrived, which made for a fantastic afternoon sky and sunset.

Shirley sits on the steps of our hotel.

Shirley sits on the steps of our hotel.

We are back to very slow internet access, so I’ll try to upload more photos later. Buona notte.
Sunset in Assisi

Sunset in Assisi

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6 Comments on “By Train to Assisi

  1. Janis cox Ahern
    May 30, 2014

    So wonderful to follow along from halfway round the world- isn’t technology wonderful? At least the train CAME , right? šŸ™‚ sometimes the don’t hehehe

    • stormy
      May 31, 2014

      Yes, the destination makes the travel day worth it. And we had bread soup — yummy and filling!

  2. Beth Carlson/Bob Carlson
    May 30, 2014

    Yes, the Italian trains can be a puzzle. We had two different experiences! So glad you made it to Assisi, and were able to enjoy the area.

  3. Carol Maynard
    May 30, 2014

    Sounds like an eventful train experience. Glad you made it to such a delightful spot for the night. Love the hanging basket of flowers caught in a shaft of light.

  4. Charlie
    May 30, 2014

    Nice photo!–love those close-up structure pics.

  5. Cathe
    May 31, 2014

    So transportation continues to be exciting even without the car!

    Assisi looks beautiful!

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