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Come and ski the Tetons

Over five feet of snow has fallen in the Tetons in the last nine days. I’m too tired to ski today, even though it snowed another seven inches last night. So if you are looking for some freshies, come and visit. Here are a few photos to encourage you.

Buck Mountain

View of Buck Mountain from the top of 25 Short

I’ve been alternating days in the backcountry with days at the Jackson Hole resort, but I don’t have many resort photos.

One of my favorite backcountry destinations is 25 Short. It’s a 3,300 foot climb, but also 3,000 feet vertical of untracked powder on the way back down.

25 Short

View of 25 Short from the trailhead.

There are great views of the Tetons from the route. Notice the substantial avalanche crown near the top of the Grand.

Grand Teton

The Grand from the route up 25 Short. Notice the avalanche crown.

Avalanche hazard is something to be worried about in the backcountry, even up Swift Creek.

Avi debris in Swift Creek Canyon

Avalanche debris on Swift Creek Canyon road.

Come visit and ski. We’ve got plenty of room.

Shane on 25 Short

Shane on 25 Short

2 Comments on “Come and ski the Tetons

  1. Jan Cox Ford Ahern
    February 28, 2014

    Oh, that I could! Recovering from Back surgery. It was all the downhill falls, hitting of the boards and bottoms of pools as well as diving into the concrete from my cheerleading partner’s shoulders that I have to thanks for the back issues. The surgeon said, “you’ve used this back haven’t you?” Yup, now paying the price. In Physical Therapy and getting stronger every day! Yeah. My goal is to hike again with my Osprey full size pack, loaded for 6 months on the Camino is Spain.

    I love your blog and the photos you post. Just gorgeous. Thanks for posting!

    • shane
      February 28, 2014

      I hope the back heals up soon. The Camino sounds amazing. Someday maybe.

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