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Grand Teton Climb 2015

Last summer about this time Jessi and I climbed the Grand Teton. I’ve been promising to post the photos since then. It’s about time!

In August of 2014 Jessi broke her leg roller skating (yes, roller skating!). A few months later while she was recovering she called me and said she needed something to motivate her to get back in shape and make sure her leg was okay—she wanted to climb the Grand Teton. The Grand is perhaps my favorite alpine climb. I hadn’t climbed it for years, mostly because the routes are crowded and I’ve done it a few times, but to do it with my daughter would be an exceptional adventure.

It’s a long climb of around 9 miles and 7000 ft vertical from the trailhead at Lupine Meadows. It’s a 5th class climb by the easiest routes so it requires some roped climbing. We decided to hire a guide. I’m okay climbing this without a guide with mere friends, but this is my daughter! Fortunately, I know an excellent Exum guide, Brenton Reagan.

We summitted via the Owen-Spaulding Route on August 13, 2015. Below are the promised photos.

One Comment on “Grand Teton Climb 2015

  1. Melanie O'Hare
    July 24, 2016

    So great! Good for you both!

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