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Jessi and Shane’s 2013 Wyoming Roadtrip

Jessi and I have taken a number of road trips over the years. This year’s trip was back to Wyoming. One could make a long list of you-know-your-in-Wyoming-when jokes, but we knew we were in Wyoming when be began to see ‘dirve-thru’ liquor stores attached to gas stations. The incongruance of this convenience seems to be lost on most Wyomingites.

You know your in Wyoming when the gas stations have 'drive-thru' liquor stores.

You know your in Wyoming when the gas stations have ‘drive-thru’ liquor stores.

The major highlight of the trip was a backpacking trip in the Tetons. This has become somewhat of a tradition with us. In 2002 we paddled up String and across Leigh Lake to climb Mount Moran. A few year’s later we took the Jackson Hole Resort tram to the top and headed back into Granite canyon for a couple of days of backpacking in the rain. For this trip we headed up Garnet Canyon and camped at the Meadows.The Meadows is one of several sites climbers use a a base camp for climbing in the Tetons.

On our way to the Meadows.

On our way to the Meadows.

We recommend Snake River Brewing's Lager.

We recommend Snake River Brewing’s Lager.

The hike is about five miles long and climbs about 3000 feet. In the last half mile there is a stretch of about 200 yards of Volkswagen-sized boulders to crawl through, but once on top you are in the heart of the Tetons with mountains all around.

In the heart of the Tetons.

In the heart of the Tetons.

The weather was stellar. I mean that literally. The evening were filled with stars. We even saw the International Space Station. You’re skeptical, but I looked it up and yes it did indeed transit almost directly overyhead at our location and was brighter than anything else in the night sky at that time. The Perseid meteor shower was also staring up so we had plenty to look at while having dinner that night.

Jessi in the Tetons

Jessi in the Tetons

Shadow of the Tetons in Jackson's Hole

Shadow of the Tetons in Jackson’s Hole

After the hike out and drive back to Afton we had to have dinner at the Agave Restaurant. This little mexican-food place has be in Afton for years. They serve delicious food and have the best margaritas north of Santa Fe.

Be careful with the Agave's Jumbo Margaritas.

Be careful with the Agave’s Jumbo Margaritas. They will make you look like this.

Of course we had to check out the Lincoln County Fair and Afton Rodeo while we where there. Jessi decided that if we had lived in Wyoming while she was growing up she would definitely have been a barrel racer. We dodged that very expensive bullet by living in southern California while she was young. We did have a chance to do a little riding while we were there though.

Playing cowboy near Alpine Wyoming.

Playing cowboy near Alpine Wyoming.

If you want to see more photos of our trip, check them out on our Gallery page.

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  1. Jessi
    August 22, 2013

    This was such a fun and perfect Wyoming trip!!

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