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Skiing 2015-2016

Okay, more photos from skiing last season. Sorry it took me so long to post these. I also included photos taken by some of my ski partners that were just too good to pass up. Thanks to all of you.

Jackson Hole

Stormy and I started the year with a trip to Jackson for some resort skiing.

Stormy after skiing Rendezvous Bowl

Stormy after skiing Rendezvous Bowl

Vail Pass

Here are a few from the Vail pass area when skiing with Mark. We tried to climb Uneva, but the winds were fierce. Mark went back up later in the year and tagged the summit.

Baldy Knoll Yurt

Our annual hut trip was to the Baldy Knoll Yurt. There were only four of us this year, Charlie, Megan, Tom, and me. The yurt is on the western side of the Teton Range. We were hoping for great views, but we didn’t get any. I snowed the entire time we were there. I guess that’s not so bad.

Skiing with Exum Mountain Guides

In March 2015 I skied Mount Moran with Exum Mountain Guides. That trip was the first Moran Camp trip Exum offered. It was so great I decided to ski with them again.

This year the destination was Waterfalls Canyon just north of Mt. Moran. It was a awesome trip. We managed to ski the Black Hole Couloir, the North Couloir on Eagles Rest Peak, and got a couple of fabulous days of power skiing too!

Thanks to my ski partners Mark, and Matt. I can’t say enough about guides Brenton Reagan, Nat Patridge, and apprentice Giles Lajevic-Augustine! They were superb.

A writer and photographer from Mountain Magazine joined us. They did the Eagle Peak descent with us. They are doing an article on Exum Mountain Guides for a winter 16/17 issue, but they have already posted a preview.

Pike’s Peak

The season ended for me this year with a few runs on Pike’s Peak with Jim, Charlie, Dan Crossey, Dan Miska, and friends. Sorry it took me so long to get these photos posted for you.

Looking forward to another great winter! Let it snow!

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